KOMA Supports the Book, "Letadlem kolem světa" ("Around the World by Plane")

KOMA has long been committed to the Baťa legacy that changed the face of the Zlín region. This is one of the reasons why it has decided to support the publication of the book Letadlem kolem světa (Around the World by Plane). The newly published book is a supplement to J. A. Baťa's book "Za obchodem kolem světa (In Search of Trade Around the World)", which KOMA also supported.

Between 6 January and 1 May 1937, industrialist Jan Antonín Baťa and his crew took a Lockheed Electra aircraft on a major round-the-world business trip. The aeroplane travelled approximately 34,200 km. The book is a transcript of mechanic Josef Engliš's flight log and expedition doctor Walter Recht's fictional medical log."The publication shows not only the business aspects of the trip, the personality of Jan A. Baťa, and profiles of crew members, but it also documents this unique feat by Czechoslovak aviation, because, after all, it was with the Baťa Group that commercial aviation began to develop," explains KOMA's marketing director Martin Hart on their reasons for supporting the book.


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